Monday, 31 March 2014

WA Senate Election: Make your vote count!

(see link to voter guides at bottom of this page)

The re-run of the WA Senate election takes place next Saturday the 5th of April.

It is imperative that West Australians elect Senators who will oppose any attempt to overturn the Euthanasia Laws Act which removes the ability of the Australian Territories with limited self-government from passing euthanasia laws.

HOPE conducted the survey (linked below) over the past few weeks. We emailed as many candidates as possible – most on two occasions – looking for an answer to the following question:

In your term as Senator will you support the status quo in respect to the Euthanasia Laws Act 1997 and vote against any measures to repeal this Act?

Candidates could answer YES (preferred), NO or UNSURE and comments were welcomed.

We have also included in our survey report the voting records of existing Senators.

As we have observed in recent elections, the major parties scrutinize all survey requests before allowing candidates to reply. This is a very unfortunate and unwelcome development; particularly as euthanasia is usually a matter of conscience and not party policy. It is understandable (although not welcome) that quite a few candidates from the major parties, therefore, did not reply.

Having said that, at this election, West Australians have a clear choice of who they can support with a view to stopping the euthanasia agenda.

We recommend a vote BELOW the LINE, numbering every box from 1 to 77 beginning with all the candidates marked in green before considering any others and then putting the ‘red’ candidates last!).

NOTE: of course, some candidates who did not answer the survey may well also be personally against euthanasia.

The survey results:

The links below are to downloadable .pdf files which can be printed. You can print them off at home, mark down how you intend to vote, and take them with you to the polling booth.

CLICK HERE for the guide (link to HOPE website)

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