Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Canadian (4 year old) asks the Belgian King to oppose child euthanasia.

This article is from the blog of Alex Schadenberg:

An article written by Dave Kaufman and published in the Toronto Sun reports that Jessica Saba (4) and her family are asking King Philippe of Belgium to not sign the child euthanasia law. 

Dr Paul Saba is the leader of the Coalition of Physicians for Social Justice in Quebec. He makes the case against the child euthanasia law in simple, eloquent language that comes from his heart. The backdrop is that the forces pushing euthanasia are on the march in Canada, particularly Quebec. He wants us to understand that if child euthanasia is legalized in Belgium, that plague will make its way around the world like a pandemic epidemic.
As the Coalition of Physicians for Social Justice explains,

“Jessica was born in Montreal, Canada in May 2009 with a severe cardiac malformation: a completely blocked valve and underdeveloped ventricle. She would have survived for only a few hours or days without a series of cardiac interventions, which were performed at Montreal’s Children’s Hospital. At six days, her valve was unblocked and gradually her underdeveloped ventricle began to form. If Jessica had been born in a country where pediatric euthanasia is permitted, she might have been a candidate for euthanasia and her story would be very different than the one in the video.

“Millions of children are born each year with severe congenital malformations. Currently in Quebec, the government is attempting to pass its own euthanasia law, which is very similar to the law passed in Belgium about 10 years ago. The Quebec Human Rights Commission is recommending extension of euthanasia to children.”
The video is even more persuasive because of the heartfelt contributions of the entire family: Dr. Saba, his wife, Marissa, their daughter Jessica, and her two older siblings, Eliana and John-Anthony.
They remind you how hard Jessica fought from the beginning and what a cool sister she is.
Take five minutes out and watch the video at: Video LinkIt will help you appreciate the enormity of what is at stake.
Parts of this article were written by Dave Andrusko from NRTL news.


  1. As if euthanasia would be the first choice of a parent whose child has a readily treatable heart condition. I don't think so. We are talking about serious disabilities requiring lifelong care. Disabilities of the kind that destroy all hope of a normal life for child, parents and family. As usual, the slippery slope argument is trotted out to try and scare our leaders into backing away from a more compassionate society. Euthanasia is about compassion, nothing else.

  2. NO Nic, we're talking about children. Even the Belgian's don't say it is for 'serious disabilities requiring life long care'. You seem to be creating your own slippery slope!

  3. Nic, how about looking at people with serious disability as part of LIFE! Relating euthanasia to compassion is false. True compassion seeks to care and show love for the person/family etc not simply ending the child's life to make it easier.