Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Nitschke escalates debate in SA - will open a death facility

It would seem that Dr Nitschke can't let a euthanasia debate go by without grabbing at the headlines.
As the south Australian Parliament winds down for the year and for the parliament in toto, and with only two possible days for debate on Bob Such MP's Dying with Dignity Bill, Nitschke says that he's about to open a clinic in Adelaide.
The Herald Sun reported yesterday:
A Euthanasia clinic set up in Adelaide will test drugs, distribute nitrogen kits and "provide services" to terminally ill patients. 

It is expected to start taking patients by the end of the week.
The article added:
Dr Nitschke said Adelaide was chosen as the site for Australia's first euthanasia clinic and research laboratory because legislation attempting to legalise voluntary euthanasia in South Australia was before Parliament.
Nitschke explained that Bob Such's euthanasia bill has led him to opening a euthanasia clinic. The Herald Sun reported him to have said:
Dr Nitschke said the Ending Life with Dignity Bill, proposed by Independent MP Bob Such, "could well pass through the SA parliament in the near future and the services offered by the euthanasia centre will become critical". 
The clinic is expecting a couple of patients a week, including some who travel from interstate. 
Nitschke has made virtually the same announcement at the business end of a number of debates recently in `hobart as well as Adelaide. This time, however, he claims to have a property in Gilberton in South Australia and this time he has included, according to the press, the distribution of nitrogen death kits.

This is an escalation in his death rhetoric.

Whether he goes ahead with the death facility is another matter entirely and only time will tell. More interesting will be whether South Australian MPs recognise that, if they pass any bill, that the kind of operation suggested by Nitschke would be a reality.


  1. Am I missing something here? Isn't this an illegal? How can someone just thumb his nose at the law and suggest he's going to do whatever happens to suit him? I am flabbergasted to hear this news.

  2. No Sophie, you're not missing anything!

  3. Euthanasia is evil. To take a life like this is going back to Nazism which we said would never happen again. Abortion, euthanasia are now seen as rights. Life has become so disposable. And look at those in the Philippines, everything they have had destroyed and they struggle to survive in the most extremely difficult circumstances. Children in poor countries who have little to eat and how they too have such a desire to live. What is wrong with us in the West. We have too much I think, too much of everything and little time to be thankful. People who choose euthanasia are very sad people. And those who assist them in doing so are giving in to evil. They have no idea of what is on the other side of this life....no idea at all and that is frightening.

  4. Why aren't the police stopping him ? I can't believe how ostentatious he is ?
    Yours Trish.