Saturday, 21 September 2013

Crisis in our Aged Care Facilities

Channel 7's Today Tonight Program exposes serious problems in our Aged Care facilities:

Warning: this video may be disturbing for some readers:

Major General Peter Cosgrove says change is needed in nursing homes because the demand for aged care is outstripping supply.
The Chairman of Leading Age Care Services is now taking on a new battle to raise awareness on giving the elderly an appropriate level of care.
"As a developing country, a very large economy, we should do better," Mr Cosgrove said
Many of our elderly are not receiving proper care in centres across the country.
Grey Tostee says his father George, who has passed away, was a victim of undignified care.
"It's worse than undignified, he (George) couldn't have been treated much worse," Mr Tostee said.
Mr Tostee's 89-year-old father was placed under the control of Queensland's Adult Guardian.
According to Dianne Bates, who has spent a decade working in aged care and now fights a system she says is plagued with systematic abuse and neglect, Mr Tostee's father was left to suffer under the care of the Adult Guardian.
"We have a lot of concrete evidence that the facility was not providing proper care to George," Ms Bates said.
Ms Bates claims George was suffering so badly from ulcerated gums and rotting teeth that the department took action against the nursing home, but the Adult Guardian never moved him.
A video of George reveals that his dying wish was to get out of his nursing home, saying "I don't want to be here. I can't stand it."
Mr Tostee is taking legal action to ensure the Adult Guardian never gets control of his affairs when he gets older.
Currently there are three million Australians over the age of 65, and that number is set to double to six million by 2050.

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