Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Scary: Joke petition on euthanasia in the USA

This video is a spoof.

It relates to the US Obamacare health reforms (The Affordable Care Act) and the inclusion of what has been described as 'Death Panels' whereby, it is suggested, those on social security will be mandatorily enrolled to have their advance directives plans reviewed every five years.

I can't comment on the veracity of the claims about 'death panels' but this video is scary on a number of different levels.

The actor/activist requesting signatures on his fake petition does not hide the fact that his petition is about compulsorily killing old people to 'save on health care costs'.

We don't know from the video how many people actually refused to sign but clearly some, including some younger people, had no qualms about giving the petition their support.

Question: if a majority of people supported this idea would the pro-euthanasia lobby adopt it as policy?

But isn't this precisely the case with current so called support for euthanasia? Polsters asking passers by, in some instances, or by phone in others, a few questions without recourse to any further information.

That's why it is dangerous and irrational to make decisions on policy based on polls!

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