Tuesday, 5 March 2013

WA election: Survey on euthanasia

Western Australians will be attending polling booths across that vast state this coming Saturday to elect their next government.

Euthanasia came to the forefront briefly during the campaign when the possibility of a new bill in the new parliament was raised by independent Fremantle MP, Adele Carles and, surprisingly, by the WA Leader of the Labor Party, Mark McGowan   .

In 2010 a private members bill sponsored by Robin Chapple MLC failed at the second reading int he WA Upper House by the margin of 24 to 11.

A sound win. However, pundits are predicting a significant turnover in personnel in the Upper House after Saturday's poll. It is important that the WA Upper House remain firmly opposed to euthanasia.

As a continuing feature of the work of HOPE, we have surveyed the candidates for this election on their opinions about euthanasia. My thanks and appreciation to all candidates who took the time to reply. 

We emailed every candidate (except for a few where we could find no contact details) three times over the last week and more asking them to respond to a simple question:

If a euthanasia bill were introduced into the WA Parliament, would you vote for or against such a proposal?

The answers for and against were listed as YES - for supporting a bill, NO - for opposing a bill and UNSURE. We gave candidates the opportunity to add comments and many took up that option.

So, when looking for a candidate(s) to vote for, look for the GREEN NOs and GREEN comments!

We hope that the results are helpful. Not all candidate's chose to reply and, therefore, the information for Lower House seats is sparse in some instances. However, we stress the importance of maintaining a strong opposition to euthanasia in the decisive Upper House.

Please if you live in WA, make your vote count against euthanasia - particularly in the Upper House and, please, pass this on to your friends.

You can find the results of the survey HERE (Lower House) (Upper House)

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