Saturday, 23 February 2013

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition - Rome meetings set new directions

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition - International met recently in Rome to set new directions for our work globally and with a new focus also for Europe.
I will continue as Vice Chair of the International arm of the work under the continuing excellent leadership from Alex Schadenberg - Canada. The group has expanded to include representation from other countries.

The new leadership team for (EPC) International is:
Chair: Alex Schadenberg, EPC Canada; Vice Chair: Paul Russell, HOPE Australia; Dr. Peter Saunders, Care Not Killing UK; Nancy Elliott, United States; Henk Reitsma, Netherlands; Kevin Fitzpatrick, Ireland / France; Caroline Roux, France; Dr David Richmond (not present), Euthanasia Debate New Zealand; Carlos Alvarez, Spain

EPC - Europe has established steering committee made up of: R. Kevin Fitzpatrick, Dr. Peter Saunders, UK; Henk Reitsma, Netherlands; Gordon Macdonald, Scotland; Caroline Roux, France; David Fieldsend, Belgium; Andrea Williams, UK; Bert Vanderhaegan, Belgium; Carlos Alvarez, Spain; Joannes Bucher, Austria; and Christoph Keel, Switzerland.
Also on the agenda was the establishment of EPC - Europe. Under the leadership of Not Dead Yet UK's Kevin Fitzpatrick, we are expecting great things from this group. The focus in the near future will be on both Germany and France where assisted suicide will be on the agenda in those countries.

I remain in awe of my colleagues both new and old in both of these organisations. Their expertise and commitment to our common cause can only be enhanced by this new co-operation and focus.

Congratulations to all.

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