Friday, 21 September 2012

SBS - cheerleader for suicide

The national broadcaster SBS will show the Terry Pratchett assisted suicide documentary this weekend. My media release follows:  


SBS – cheer leaders for assisted suicide
On Sunday the 23rd SBS HD has scheduled to show UK fiction writer, Sir Terry Pratchett’s documentary, Choosing to Die. The documentary features the assisted suicide death of a UK businessman in the Swiss Dignitas death facility.

SBS – Special Broadcasting Service‘In deciding to air this macabre program, SBS is acting as a cheerleader for the pro-suicide brigade,’ says HOPE director, Paul Russell.

The documentary shows the death of British Hotelier, Peter Smedley who is seen to choke and ask for water as he dies holding the hand of his wife.

‘SBS needs to behave itself and recognise the well-documented risks attached to airing suicides in the media.” Says Mr. Russell.

 The program received wide condemnation when shown on the BBC, some calling it ‘pro-suicide propaganda’.

‘Pratchett is a self-styled pro-suicide advocate. His documentary is anything but a dispassionate look at both sides of the issue. In deciding to air this propaganda, SBS is cheering on the side of a debate where only one macabre voice is being heard.’

‘For the sake of all Australians who are vulnerable to suicidal thoughts and actions, we urge SBS to pull the documentary now.’

Paul Russell
Executive Director

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