Monday, 16 July 2012

Making choices at life's end

At HOPE, we support choice at life's end. In some circumstances, our choices may be limited, but we should all be able to make legitimate choices from the legitimate options available to us.
To make good choices, we need good information. That's why in medical and other fields of life we have the term 'informed choice'. 
Having alternatives explained to us in a manner that invites us to ask questions and, ultimately to arrive at legitimate decisions is a vital part of the journey, helping us and relieving us and our loved ones of a great deal of anxiety and uncertainty.
Here's a talk from Dr. Peter Saul from the Intensive Care Unit at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, Australia. He makes a great deal of sense.
(mild occasional use of a swear word)

(for more about choice - and why euthanasia & assisted suicide give the illusion of choice - visit the HOPE website at )

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